Personal Data


  • Born: January 13th, 1962 in Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe
  • Hight: 183cm
  • Eyes: blue
  • Hair: blond (and grey)
About Branko


Graduated in 1984 at the Ljubljana National Academy of Theatre, Film, Radio and Television, Završan did a specialisation course at the International School of Theatre, Mime and Movement "Jacques Lecoq" of Paris in 1987. He is also a scriptwriter, choreographer, singer, dance-theatre and plays’ director. He directed documentaries and didactic movies. He was an “alternative theatre” teacher at the Ljubljana Theatre Academy and now also at the Ljubljana Dance Academy.

Among his more memorable interpretations: In the role of Branko (main and almost only actor on the screen) in the movie “TIR” by Alberto Fasulo (Awarded for the best film in Rom film festival – Golden Marc Aurelio 2013). In the role of “Deminer” in the movie “No Man’s Land” by Tanis Tanović and set in 1993 during the Serb-Bosnian war (Awarded for the best screenplay at Cannes 2001 and Oscar for the foreign film). In the role of “Tragedian” in the film of the English comedian writer Tom Stoppard "Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are dead”, Golden Lion in Venice 1990.




Feature Film & Television Film (Selected) 

Feature Films


  • TIR director A. Fasulo (role: Branko)
  • HAND LUGGAGE (Osebna prtljaga)dir. J. Lapajne (role: Samo)
  • INSTALATION OF LOVE (Instalacija ljubezni)dir. M. Weiss (role: Vasko)
  • THE HOSTAGE dir: L. Pakalnina (role: hijacker)
  • NO MAN’S LAND dir. D. Tanović (role: deminer)
  • RUFFIANS (Barabe) dir. M. Zupanič (role: Heckler)
  • PATRIOT dir. T. Štiglic (role:Patriot)
  • MORANA dir. A. Verbič (Gorazd)
 Television Films


  • WITNESS (Taumen – priča)Dir. K. Dornik (Cousin)

  • NEW WORLD (Novi svet) Dir. M. Weis (Jože)

  • DR. FRANCE PREŠEREN Dir. F Slak (Crobath)
  • PRESIDENT (Predsednik) Dir. A. Tomašič (President Volk)

  • LA DAME DE BERLIN Dir.P.Boutron (Košut)

  • LA VALLEE DES ESPOIRS Dir.J.P.Marchand (Yougoslavian)



Oton Župančič
The city of Ljubljana Award Winner 2009
Audience Award at the 2009 Week of Slovenian Drama

Jury Award for best virtuosic performance as a whole - Teatar Fest, Sarajevo 2009


Installation of Love
The film won Special Jury Mention at the 19th Trieste Film Festival, 2008

Invisible Civilization
Nomination for Best Picture: Documentary Film Festival, Tokyo 2004 


Taumen Amy
Gong Creativity 2004
Will Finds a Way
Gong of Creativity 2002


No Man's Land
Award for Best Screenplay - Cannes 2001

Best Film FELIX 2001

Best Foreign Language Film Golden Globe 2002

OSCAR 2002 (More than 50 awards at festivals around the world)

Listen Up!  We Recycle

Festival golden stick, 15th performing arts festival for children and youth: Special Jury Award for the music


Awarded as the best film in Rom film festival – Golden Marc Aurelio 2013,

Special mention in Belfort film festival,

Best film in film festival in Bari



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